Kaylyn Saucedo

Voice Actor


Kaylyn Saucedo is an actor, Internet personality, video editor, and closed caption and subtitle editor currently living in Los Angeles, CA.She has appeared in numerous web-based films and audio dramas, performed on stage in theatrical and choral shows, and has been featured in Hollywood films and television as a background actor. In Japanese animation, she has performed as additional voices in shows such as "Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun". Kaylyn has loaned her voice to such projects as "A Voice From The Dark", has appeared on camera in "Atop The Fourth Wall: The Movie", and has been on stage in theatrical productions of "Get Smart" and "Towards Zero". She has performed video editing, captioning, and subtitling services on anime productions such as "Lupin the Third: Prison of the Past" and "Ascendance of a Bookworm".Kaylyn studied English and Broadcast Journalism at San Antonio College in San Antonio, Texas as well as Japanese language at KCP International Language School in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

Voice Work Samples

Character Demo, 2023

Listen via Google DriveSound effects and music obtained from www.zapsplat.com
Scripting by Red Aller

Listen via SoundCloud

"Shuko Sun" - Intendant Gura

"Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun" - Additional Voices

"Hellworld!" - Berith

"Beyblade Burst QuadStrike" - Additional Voices

Video Production Work


  • On-screen commercial - Mike Pointer

  • June Yoon - (career guidance)

  • Arianna Ratner - Animation Workout

  • Kate Zeiner - Commercial

  • Joe Hernandez - Video Game

  • Jamie Marchi - Voice Over (commercial, character, audiobook narration, video games)

  • Greg Chun - Video Game

  • Chris Hackney - Anime and Video Games

  • Chris Rager (with Monica Rial, Tia Ballard, and Tyler Walker) - Anime and Video Games

  • Brook Chalmers - Acting Workout

  • Tony Oliver - Voice Acting

  • Luis Bermudez - Character Acting

  • Amber Lee Connors - Anime Voice Acting

  • Kira Buckland & Casey Mongillo - Voice Acting for Fighting Games

  • Marin Miller - Vocal Technique 101 Voice-Over Workshop

  • Marissa Lenti - Character & Casting Directors Voice-Over Workshop

  • Mami Okada - Anime & Casting Voice-Over Workshop

  • Brent Mukai - Finding The Funny: Script Analysis And Going Further with Your Reads!